Food Intolerance Tests

intolerance foodsAccording to a recent study food intolerance effects 45% of the UK population to some degree. It is an adverse reaction to a certain food ingredient every time you eat it. The severity of  symptoms can vary from barley noticeable to chronic depending on the amount of  the food consumed and sensitivity of the patient.

Food Allergy Or Intolerance

Unlike food allergies which produce a rapid response from the body’s immune system if you suffer from food intolerance you may not notice any symptoms for several hours after eating food you are intolerant to. Also in most cases you will not notice a reaction unless you eat a sufficient amount of the offending food. Sometime you only have a reaction when you eat a certain combination of foods. These factors make it very difficult to pinpoint to which food(s) you are intolerant to.

NHS Testing Methods

The NHS will normally suggest you use a food diary or try methodically eliminating different foods from your diet. These techniques require a strict level of compliance and can take many months to complete, also there is no guarantee they will identify which foods are to blame of if you are intolerant to food at all. So what are the alternatives?

first step testFirst Step Test
(positive/negetive indicator test)

A basic positive/negative indicator food intolerance test kit where you take a small sample of your blood at home a post it to a laboratory where it is analysed. the results are then post it back to you within 10 days. The test will determine whether your body has any IgG antibody (food intolerance) reactions to any foods or not. If you receive a positive result you can then use one of the test below to determine which food (or drink) you body is reacting to.

foodscan testFoodScan Test (113 foods tested)

A comprehensive test which will determine which foods you are intolerant to. Again like the First Step Test this is the home testing kit where you take a small sample of your own blood at home and post it back to the laboratory (in a pre-paid envelope). There they will test the sample for IgG reactions to 113 different types of food. With the results you receive personal guidance from Yorktest’s Nutritional Therapist. 91% of people who have used the test would recommend it to others.

food and drink scan testFood&DrinkScan
(158 food and drinks tested)

The most complete test which tests a sample of you blood for IgG reactions to 158 food and drink ingredients. You take a pin-prick of you blood at home and post it back to the Yorktest Laboratories. Just like the FoodScan test you receive the results within 10 days with personal consultations with a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist.

Why Should I Use These Tests?

  • 75% of those who have used the FoodScan or Food&DrinksScan tests said they felt much better after acting on the recommendations derived from the test results.
  • 9 out of 10 customers would recommend them.
  • You will get your money back on the FoodScan and Food&DrinksScan programmes of no reactions or intolerances are identified.
  • All the tests are easy to use  finger-pick blood tests which you carry out at home – no visiting clinics or hospitals.
  • The FoodScan and Food&DrinksScan programmes are the most comprehensive intolerance tests available.