Lost 4 Stone After Cutting Out Carrots, Yeast & Milk

It may be hard to believe them, when someone heavy claims to eat healthily and workout but sill cannot change the pounds. But that’s just the scenario Lucy found herself in after doctors said her excessive weight and nearly irreversible bloating was down to IBS.

Fortunately Lucy did not offer up the fight to locate a diagnosis and, on a co-worker’s guidance, sought a food intolerance test – and identified the actual cause of her size.

‘I had been fairly curvy, but over-the previous couple of years I had discovered my weight just kept creeping up, so I made the decision to-do some thing about this.’

She started eating much better, sticking to five small meals per day using a mix of lean protein and tons of veggies and salads.

But Lucy fought to change much of her uncomfortable 14st weight. ‘I also joined a gym and began working out three times per week.

‘I became rather apprehensive about the circumstances therefore I went to-see my GP. He wasn’t quite useful and just told me to hold on like I was, telling me that the bloating was likely just IBS and that the fat would drop off eventually.

‘Months of healthful eating and exercise were proving to get little effect, particularly on my belly area which remained stubbornly bloated.

‘It was then that a co-worker suggested that I may have a food intolerance and advised that I attempt a food intolerance test.

‘When the results came back they disclosed that I had intolerances to several the ‘healthy’ meals I had been munching for recent months – including carrots!’

Within days my belly was apparently flatter and my IBS symptoms had considerably reduced.’

‘As well as carrots, I also discovered that I’m intolerant to cow’s milk and yeast. I’ve cut these completely from my diet. 3 months after I’m still sticking to my new diet.

‘I eat quite plenty of stir fried vegetables like I find only boiled veg can be very boring. Now I have replaced this with other veg for example courgettes, where before I had always throw in some carrots.

‘I also stay away from utilizing dressings and sauces since they could comprise yeast too. I have stopped using soya sauce once I make stirfry as I have fought to get a yeast free version.’

‘Wine features yeast so I also have changed my usual white wine for spirits. I will choose a GandT now rather than the glass of wine.

In the months that followed Lucy was able to discard the persistent extra pounds she was striving so difficult to dispose of. ‘I do not yet have a boyfriend but I’m dating. I did not feel confident about relationship before but I do a lot more now.

‘It feels like my whole life has transformed’, she says. ‘I would not return to my old diet and I will make sure I never have trigger foods again… I’ve gone cold turkey.’

Current research indicates a positive correlation between weight gain and food intolerance. Last year’s Obesity and Weight loss Treatment research entitled: Removing Immunologically-Reactive Foods from your Diet and its Effect on Body Structure and Quality-of Life in Overweight Individuals found that by just cutting trigger foods out of your diet, the battle of-the bulge could be over.

With even apparently healthy foods like lettuce having the capability to create a response, the study reveals it could be advantageous to seek out your personal triggers. The results demonstrated that the subjects who removed the foods they responded to ‘had decreases in weight, bmi, waist and hip circumference… and all indicators of quality of life’.

‘Food intolerance is a significant problem and is frequently misdiagnosed. I meet customers who consistently eat healthy and workout regularly but still find it difficult to change those last few pounds.

‘Food intolerances can trigger an immune reaction in the body that may lead to-weight gain or issue in losing weight’ nutritionist, Alli Godbold.

Doctor. Gill Hart at YorkTest, describes: It’ll be more vulnerable to problems for example IBS and might even be less able to repel harmful invaders. ‘Once the immune reaction is activated within the entire body, it believes that it is under siege consequently hoarding supplies, keeping fluid and increasing weight.’

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